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How to Get Started Academy

You're at square one, and need a step by step plan on how to Get your Childcare Business doors opened! You have a dream, and are ready to make it a reality, but you don't know where to begin! Well, no more worries about that! Ashley's How to Get Started Academy will walk you through step by step on how to become an Owner and Director of a Licensed Childcare Program.

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The Childcare Business Executive Automation Academy

The Childcare Business Executive Automation Academy is the GAME CHANGER in the Childcare Business Industry for Early Childhood Educator Administrators, Childcare Owners, and Preschool Directors to learn how to delegate the tasks that cause them to overwork to Automated Software and Systems that run silently in the background. This ensures you reduce your working hours while at the same time your center or program is still running and providing quality care to Childcare and Families.

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Mentoring with Ashley

You like the DIY On Demand Training that Ashley offers, but you are looking for Ashley to support you on a Deeper level. You need Accountability, Advice, Consulting and Strategizing on your next steps, Plan of Action and you would love to have Ashley help you do that! Ashley offers many different consulting services to fit your needs.

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