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Tori: Childcare Owner, Michigan

“I lost my mother a few weeks ago, if it was not for your coaching and messaging regarding setting up a system to allow myself not to be present at the child care at all times, my child care would be shuttered. Thank you for your ministry on work-life balance, it truly saved my business.”

Angela: Owner of Little Scholars Childcare, California

“YESSS! Will do! It’s a blessing being able to be with baby Jacob while my childcare is running smoothly without me . I’m so thankful I found your trainings, because I’m able to actually spend time and be away from the childcare, knowing everything is going good. ..and get some much needed sleep lol!”

LaCole: Owner of Little Souls Child Development, California

“Childcare Automation is Everything. I Love it. I highly recommend joining the program if you’re looking to find putting balance in your personal life and child care business. I cut back some expenses to be sure to be apart of the membership monthly. Ashley is very knowledgeable in the field of early childhood education and what it takes to run a successful and profitable child care business.”

Myani: Bergen-Lafayette Montessori, New Jersey

“I got all but one thing on my to do list done today and was able to spend 4 hours today with my own kids, so that was so nice! Thanks so much Ashley for this Training on Work-Life Balance. I LOVE to seeing how my weeks look using Data!” I am so Thankful I joined this Academy!”