Hey! Welcome from Social Media. I'm Ashley Binns, a Childcare Business Work-Life Balance Strategist, whose goal is to help the Exhausted Childcare Business/ Preschool Owner remove yourself from the day-to-day operations so you can move from that Director Role into the CEO Role, and ultimately reduce your working hours.

Ashley Binns

I am a God Girl, Wife to my husband Victor since 2009, and mom to our daughter Nova who was born in 2015. I am a country girl at heart from Kentucky who loves open fields and long country drives to nowhere. I also love the beach and my perfect world would be a beach in my front yard and a farm in my back. I'm also a former Owner, and Operator of a childcare center of ten years where I did it ALL in the beginning at my center, and then learned how to reduce my working hours from 50+ a week to 25. I value family time, and am proud of my 15 hour work week which allows me to balance both my business, my family life, and other passions!

If you're looking to remove yourself from the day-to-day operations, move from the Director Role into that true CEO Role, and ultimately reduce your working hours and gain your vitality back, I'm your girl!