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How I was able to REMOVE MYSELF FROM THE DAY-TO-DAY: My Automatic Substitute Program System


Ashley Binns Is A Mom, A Wife, And A Former Childcare Owner Of Ten Years. She Is A Childcare Business Work-Life Balance Strategist And The Founder And Creator Of Childcare Business Executive Tools. 

Ashley has helped Owners achieve success who have collectively reduced their working hours by 124 weekly hours! This means that clients who work with Ashley are cutting their hours in half and going from working 5am-8 pm to working from 8am-1 pm and moving from that 50+ hour work weeks to a 30 hour! These Owners now get the luxury of spending their time working “on” their business instead of “in” it and are able to go home to their own families at a reasonable time everyday, without bringing work home.

Ashley’s vision is to create an army of Childcare Owners who are no longer trapped in this cycle of working 50+ hours a week for their centers to run – but instead they are able to work the hours they desire to work, without reducing the quality of their programs… and most importantly gain their vitality back, so they can operate at their fullest potential God designed them to be, not only for the children and families they serve, but for their own family as well! 


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I can't wait to show you how much leverage this gave me and how it will do the same for you!

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