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Childcare Business/Preschool Owner

Start, License, Expand

So That You Can Skip the headache and Overwhelm of becoming a Licensed Childcare Business Owner or Expanding into a Center or second location with the Tools, Kits and Interactive Feedback Coaching not offered in the LITE $7 Membership. 

You Want Become that licensed Childcare Business Owner or Expand into your Second Location to offer quality services in your community
BUT YOU FEEL Overwhelmed and have no clue as to where to begin


Most of the strategies and techniques you’ve tried usually result in a lot of researching, talking with other Owners, and trying to piece together all of this information only to result in overwhelm and no results. 

You feel like you’ve tried everything to get our Early Childhood Education Business Launched or Expanded into a Center or Second Location but nothing seemed to work?

You have  invested hours trying to get a better understanding and a step-by-step plan

yet you still don’t have that Childcare Business you’ve envisioned in your head

Researching and staying in the information overload loop
but no one really provides a step-by-step plan

Yes!! You can absolutely get all of this information on the internet, but you will have to piece it all together yourself to come up with a step-by-step plan wasting so much time

YOU DON’T SEE RESULTS that’s why it’s hard to focus

You continue to research, join Facebook groups and ask other Owners how they did it, and you learn that no one truly has the time to really show you how to do it, or they don’t want to give you ALL the information you really need. 

In Reality, it’s not a lot of information you need, it’s the RIGHT information

 And this information that is actually going to help you become licensed to Start your Childcare Business or Expand, will include a step-by-step plan. Not information that is all over the place. This is a process, and a process has steps to follow. 


I was stuck...

Until I Unlocked the actual step by steps it takes go through licensing, and build a profitable 6 Figure Childcare Business that allowed me to Expand in under 24 Months.

When I started...

My Childcare Business Back in 2005, there was so much red tape, and no guidance on what I should be doing. I was looking at it from the angle of starting quality care for children, and not a business. Lesson Planning and Curriculum was more of a priority to me than understanding the licensing process and focusing on how I was going to be profitable. Honestly, I was simply figuring things out as I went. 

But then...

I was able to expand, and then three to four years in business, I got a certified mail delivered to me, and when I opened it up, it was a fine for $10,000 for not having worker’s compensation. The thing is that when I started, I worked with my family, but no one ever told me you still need Workermans’ compensation as it’s the law. We had to hire a lawyer to help us get the fine reduced and we eventually got it paid off. The moral of this story is although I did end up running a Successful Childcare Business with a 95% tour conversation rate, I made a lot of mistakes that were very costly all because I didn’t have a step-by-step plan. 

Fast forward to today...

I have helped thousands of Aspiring Owners learn what it takes to properly Start and Become a Licensed Childcare Owner and then set it up to ensure profitability so it’s easy to Expand.    


To Start, Become Licensed, and Expand your Early Childhood Education Business through Automated Systems


Budget & Funding

✨ Create your plan to profit and funding recipe

✨ Use our easy plug-and-play 8 tab Excel workbook that provides you with all the financial answers you need to get started or expand


Location & Licensing

✨ Find the right location and prep for your licensing visit

✨ Use our proven plan to ensure the location you choose will be profitable


Automated Staffing

✨ Create your automated hiring system 

✨ Use our streamlined process to attract and build a team of quality staff and teachers


Automated Marketing

✨ Create your automated marketing system 

✨ Use our process to position yourself in the marketplace through proper branding strategies

Keep googling or...


Become A Childcare Business Executive Member

When you join the Start, License, Automate, and Expand Method

you'll get instant access to:

This is like ...Joining A group Coaching Program Or Hiring An agency To Help You expand your business


Wait – there is more!




also included:

Amazing Bonuses

With this kit and roadmap, you’ll be able to find proper funding, write a bank-ready business plan, find a profitable location, and fill your location with amazing staff and students.

Learn what it takes to find the right location using proven tools, and navigate all things Licensing. 

Staff Brand Ambassador Training

Learn what it takes to build a Hiring System that ensures you find Quality Staff and Teachers, that not only want to work for you, but work WITH YOU.

Worksheet Portal

Get access to our library template that includes any forms, documents, and handbooks that will be required by licensing. You’ll have access to any updates that are added as well.

Get it now!

Start, License, Automate, and Expand

With our expertise, proven systems, resources, and community of like-minded individuals, you’ll be on your way to opening your first Childcare Business or expanding on your current Childcare Business.

Just $49/month – cancel anytime

You Have A 7 Day No-Questions-Asked-Money-Back-Guarantee & Can Cancel Any Time

Answering all your


The LITE only comes with worksheets and a Live Monthly Training, wheres the PRO comes with not only worksheets, but the actual Tools, Resources and Bundle Kits Ashley has prepared to make the process easier. The LITE you only get access to a Training, where the PRO you get access to Coaching and Live Feedback. 

Yes, You will not need to pay for both memberships. Your $7 will be refunded and your subscription to the LITE Version will be canceled upon your upgrade. You will receive a refund receipt for documentation. 

A: Yes, this is exactly what you need. This solution will help you take your very first step and guide you through the process. 

A: Yes, this solution will work particularly well for you, if you are trying to expand. When you are expanding, you are going to need to complete a new budget plan, understand funding, how to hire, and market your new location, which is all covered in this membership. 

A: This offer is only available until the timer ends. The price might increase already before that.

A: There is 24 hour written support included which means that you will get all your questions answered within our members-only support group within 1 business day. You also get to join Ashley or a Team Ashley Coach Live Monthly on zoom to get your questions answered. 

A: No, this is very beginner and budget-friendly. Ashley will recommend software to help run your new business, and she also has several work around options for those who prefer to keep it budget friendly. And in regards to the tech, if you can drag and drop and use word doc, you’ll be just fine. 

A: You will receive an email with all the details immediately after your purchase and will get access to our inner circle group within 24 business hours.

A: Yes, there is a 7-Day no-questions-asked money back guarantee.

A: Yes! I will help you find a location that will be in compliance with your State’s Regulations, and walk you through that process. If you are needing help with finding a location, and understanding the licensing process, this is for you. And YES! This will still apply even if you are starting in your home.

A: The course is a online Course. You will not need to travel anywhere! You will get access to step-by-step video training, that is on-demand and can be viewed from all devices!

A: I customize the Course video trainings and will show you how to understand and navigate your specific state’s Childcare Licensing Requirements. And if at any time you have additional questions, there will be many support options available, including Monthly Live Coaching, and the 24H support community where you get written detailed replies to your specific questions within 1 business day. 

A: The Membership starts immediately after you purchase, and lasts until you decide to cancel. 

A: YES! Because we cover lots of business strategies, this program can fit anyone geographical location needs. It is also self-paced program where I will guide you through via the video modules and lessons in which you will have lifetime access to this version of the course training portal, so you can come back at any time you need to along your Childcare Business Journey. If at anytime you need customization, simply reach out in the Members support group or on the Live Coaching Calls. 

A: If you are Expanding whether that is from your home daycare business or from one center to two, then you honestly need to go through most of these steps: Knowing your numbers, finding a location, hiring and marketing. There will be tailored lessons throughout so you know how to relate each training to your Expanding needs. And you’ll get access to the first two Automated Engines I teach which are Hiring and Marketing.

A: Yes! Ashley will be available in the Members only Facebook Group answering questions. She will also be presenting the Live Monthly Trainings as well, so you will get to interact with during those times. 

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