"Are you Ready to Go from a Director Role to an Owner Role? And have a 25 Hour Workweek?"

Your Step by Step, Plug and Play Automation Systems that run in the background of your Childcare Business or Preschool Program.


The Childcare Business Automation Academy

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Join The childcare business executive Automation Academy

Learn all things Automation and move from a Director Role to an Owner Role

Learn how to set up Robust Systems and Delegate your duties to today’s smart software systems. Move from a Director Role to an Owner and have a 25 hour workweek.

Accounting and Budgeting

If you are going to be successful, you MUST have accurate accounting and know your numbers! Learn how to set up your Accounting Engine that allows you to run reports and ensure profitability.

Automated Marketing

No more worry about enrollment! Ashley will show you how to set up an Automated Marketing Engine that runs in the background of your day and brings clients right to your door!

Management and Staffing

There is no secret there is a high-staff turnover rate when it comes to staffing a Childcare program. The Management and Staffing Engine ensures you Attract, Hire and Retain the right teachers and staff that are a best fit for your program.

Customer Service and Program Quality

It's one thing to get families to enroll with you, but it's another thing to keep them happy! The Automated Family Experience Engine ensures a quality program, and a quality experience for your Families!

Office Organization and Procedures

With all of the paperwork that is required, it can be a hassle to keep up with it all! Ashley will show you how to set up a Paperless and Automated Streamlined Office. Say hello to a paper free office and files at your fingertips!

Work-Life Balance

You can't pour from an empty cup and it is okay for you as the Owner/Director to have time off whenever you need it, and to ensure a balance of work and life. Ashley's Work-Life Balance engine allows you to breathe and have a peace of mind when you are not at your program.

Enrollment is Currently Closed...

4th of July Sale

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Enrollment Closes TODAY 7:00pm CST


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Join The childcare business executive Automation Academy

The Childcare Business Executive Automation Academy is the GAME CHANGER in the Childcare Business Industry for Early Childhood Educator Administrators, Childcare Owners, and Preschool Directors to learn how to delegate the tasks that cause them to overwork to Automated Software and Systems that run silently in the background. This ensures you reduce your working hours while at the same time your center or program is still running and providing quality care to Children and Families.

Hosted by Ashley Binns

What if you Could Experience?


To help you Create a Solid Plan to Follow



To ensure you understand the HOW To's



To maintain your focus



To have support, and network with other like-minded people

Imagine Having Clarity, Support and Resources to Move from a Director Role to an Owner Role and have a 25 Hour Workweek.

You're Invited to Join the

Childcare Business Executive Automation Academy

And Become an Executive Member

Designed for the ambitious Early Childhood Educator Administrator, and Childcare Business Owner who are driven to have 6 figure salary income, operating quality childcare programs while having a 25 hour workweek relying on Robust Automated Systems. 

Can We Be Real With Each Other For A Second?

Listen. You are busy. You have a lot on your plate right now. And you also have BIG DREAMS and GOALS to being successful at running and operating a quality childcare business. 

The truth of the matter is that life is hard in itself with all the responsibilities we have. And to add a Business Dream on top of that sometimes seems impossible. 

You crave time to have the freedom to work on your Childcare Business Visions,  but with all the distractions you have, you tend to get lost and can never gain any traction to move forward. It can be hard. You feel all alone. 

This is exactly why you need to learn how to set up Childcare Business Automated Systems that you can delegate those tasks off which are causing you to bring work home and work long hours. 

Are you an Early Childhood Educator Administrator, Childcare Owner or Preschool Director and you are:  

  • Tired of working 14 hour days
  • Craving to go home and not have to bring work with you
  • Tired of feeling guilty about your family missing you
  • Tired of being overwhelmed with your center not operating the way you envisioned it to
  • Tired of not making the money you desire (Take Home) 

What are the Benefits of becoming a Member?

  • Learn what task and duties are causing you to overwork, and reduce your working hours for a better work-life balance
  • Shut off work and be able to have peace of mind with Automated Systems running silently in the background
  • Be Present with your family because your business is set up in a way that you do not have to worry about it
  • Increase Your Revenue through proper Marketing and Accounting
  • Improve Decision Making Skills based off of Data
  • Ensure Compliance with Licensing, City and Federal Childcare Business Laws

Enrollment is Currently Closed...

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Enrollment Closes TODAY 7:00pm CST


What are the benefits of the Childcare Business Executive Automation Academy?

All of this:

  • Increase Revenue
  • Increase Growth
  • Get Back Some Free Time
  • Eliminates Feeling Alone
  • Coaching on How To Structure Your Childcare Business
  • Community of Others Who Get You & Who Genuinely Want To See You Succeed
  • Improve Decision Making Skills
  • Confidence To Build Your Dream Childcare Business

But, I'm still Not sure about becoming a Member...

You have a lot of Other Options

  • You can do your own Automation and Software Research and it will not be Industry Specific to Childcare causing you a lot of learning curve time
  • You can Hire a General Childcare Business Consultant that does not specialize in Automation and be taught how to set up a Non-Automated Childcare Business, still working long hours
  • Continue to Run your Business the way you're running it and make decisions that are Non Data Driven
  • OR You can Join The Childcare Business Executive Automation Academy

What Members say?

What You Gain Access to?

The Childcare Business Executive Automation Academy


Brand New Childcare Business Automation Training by Ashley


Assignment and Project Reviews by Ashley (Hot Seats)


Private Automation Member’s Only Facebook Group


Academy Member’s Only Deals


Accountability Challenges with Points and Rewarads Attached


On-Demand Recorded Video Trainings Available In Membership Area 


New Amazing Benefits Added

What Members say?


What Modules and Training will I have access to?

Each Week Ashley releases brand new training and/or resources that cover  Childcare Business Automation, Tech and Software, and how to set up and delegate to software and systems. Ashley chooses Topics that are relevant to the current needs of Members. You will have access to the recordings of these modules and trainings On Demand. 

How long will I have to pay the monthly investment fee?

The Childcare Business Executive Automation Academy offers two payment options. One is Contracted for 12 months and the other is month to month. If you choose the contracted option, you sign a twelve (12) month agreement. If you choose the month to month, there are no contracts and you can cancel at anytime.  

I am not Tech Savvy, will I have issues doing this on my own?

Setting up Delegations to Software and Tech can be challenging. However, all of the software that Ashley recommends are super easy to do once you learn. Ashley will show you step by step which will help you bypass the learning curve. 

How can I get help if I need support with the Tech and Software set up?

The first place you can get support is in our Academy’s Members Only Facebook Support Group and by submitting what you’re working on to get feedback from Ashley during Hot Seats. 

Will I receive any state-approved training hours for the courses I take?

No. This program is not accredited or certified under any state. The best way to understand this is the equivalent as you getting a coach to help you with your Childcare Business goals. In this case, I Ashley is  your coach, and you are doing this in an online virtual setting.

When will the next enrollment be?

One of the things Ashley will teach you inside the Academy is how to make Data Driven Decisions. Ashley also makes Data Driven Decisions for her business as well. Which means that there is no definite date on her calendar as to when she will be accepting new members. If the data of her business tells her that she has room for new members, then she will open enrollment again. 

I am just getting Started, is this for me?

If you are just getting Started, you are ready to begin setting up an Automated Childcare Business Model when you have a physical location and you will be opening up within the next 12 months. It can take up to 12 months to get Automation in place, so the sooner the better. 

Will I receive Personal support from Ashley?

As  A Member, you will have options to book Ashley for 1:1 consultations. There will be an additional one-time booking fee for each consult, but at a Member discount rate. 

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Enrollment is Currently Closed...

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Enrollment Closes TODAY 7:00pm CST


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