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Build and Balance: Your Side Hustle

Build and Design Your Online Consulting Side Hustle Business, Selling Courses, and  Premium Price Coaching, while Balancing Everything Else in 15 Hours a Week or less. 

4 Years Ago, I had my first online customer to pay me $250…

I had no idea what I was doing, but I knew I wanted to help people. I tried offering to consult in my local town but wasn’t getting enough traction, so I moved to the online space (which at the time I had no idea how HUGE this space was) and now it is no longer strange for me to make $1,000 a day. 

However, for me four years ago I just wanted to have enough money to pay for my monthly car payment and be able to put our daughter in daycare. I told my husband If I can just do that I would be satisfied. And that is exactly what I did! Eventually, I was able to turn that $250 one-time payment $2,000 a month, selling my expertise and coaching people. If you know my story, you know that I coach Childcare Business Owners on how to run High-Quality Childcare Business. So I will tell you, if you are an expert on a specific topic, people will pay you for your knowledge.   

There was just one problem with this though…Because I didn’t know what I was doing I worked 40 hours a week on something that was supposed to be my side hustle. 

I saw other people making $1,000 to $2,000 a month selling their expertise online and having people pay them, while only working part-time hours, some even working 10 hours a month on their online coaching business and I was determined to find out how they were doing it. 

That’s when my breakdown became my breakthrough

I’ve always hungered for a great work-life balance, but I also wanted to make enough money so I could contribute to the household’s financials. BUT… I was just not willing to work 40 hours a week especially when I saw others working less, and still making a great income from their online coaching business. So I sat down, did some research, and I started to see a trend. 

And what I found people were doing was creating group coaching programs that allowed a group of people to access the same consulting, in an on-demand way. So instead of having to work with people one-on-one, you could work with them in a group providing the same consulting.

And when I saw this, I was like “Okay!! I need to figure this out.” But there was more to it as I learned that there were different levels of consulting that could be offered such as High Ticket Consulting or what I like to call Premium Price consulting that is still in a group setting, but allows an even more High Touch for your clients, and YES!! Still only needing to put in between 5-15 hours a week. 

I now have figured out how to do this and have been providing online consulting via courses, group coaching programs, and other ways, and I too am NOW one of those people who do it working 5-10 hours a week with my consulting clients making $2,000 a month plus, which really all depends on how many clients I want to take on in my group program, and this all depends on what I want to do, or not want to do. Basically, I can make as much money as I want or as little as I want, and my working hours don’t change. 

For the first time, I’m sharing my game-changing strategies for starting an online side hustle business running courses and selling premium price group coaching programs without working long hours, and without spending all your time in one-on-one work. 

Right Now, you have been curious about making money online by selling your expertise, and you see others doing, and you would like to do it too, but you just don’t know where to begin.

I’m here to tell you:
That it’s actually not as hard as you think, and that once you have the foundational pieces, you’ll see how easy it really is to make an extra $1,000 a month selling your coaching and consulting. 
For me, making $1,000 is not even something that I worry about, because my online courses and coaching programs sell themselves.
Creating an empowering online course or coaching program experience…meaning it’s actually a better experience for both you and your potential clients, is WHAT makes it so easy to do.
Learning the logistics of putting this all together is simple and easy.

Imagine What it will Feel Like When You Are Able to...

What Would it mean to make an additional 1k online getting paid for your expertise?

Imagine spending time with your family or working your 9-5 and you get a notification on your phone that you just enrolled a new client into your program

Imagine clients paying you for your knowledge and having a proven blueprint template to follow and establish your online business