Hi, I'm Ashley Binns and I am a Childcare Business Automation Strategy Consultant. What this means is that I help Childcare Owners who work 50+ hours a week cut those hours in half by helping them turn their Non-Automated Childcare Business model into a Automated Childcare Business Model. This allows you to go from a Director Role to an Owner Role, and not only ensure a quality program for children and families but an enriched full-filled and balanced lifestyle for themselves as well. I also work with those who are aspiring to become a Childcare Business Owner, get your Childcare Business Started.


Here's What I can help you do


Trying to Start your Childcare Business? I help you with an easy to follow step by step plan to get you from where you are to your opening day! And if you are having the challenge of funding, I show you how to start without a Business Loan. 


Trying to learn the Business Side of running a Childcare Business? You are in the set-up phase of things and need to know how and what to set up. I help you by showing you all of the tools and software you need to have Systems and Processes that work for you. 


Are you Director/Owner of a Childcare Business and you work 50+ hours a week? You’re Ready to move from a Director Role to an Owner Role.You are Ready to have a Fully Automated Childcare Business that allows you to not only EXIST, but LIVE. Freedom is calling your name!

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